Matthews found that more than one-third of non-incumbent Republican women running for Congress had campaign materials prominently featuring them with guns.  NPR, October 2020

“If they won’t show up to vote for Biden, they’ll vote for Ruth.” Washington Post, September 2020

“Trump can talk about defunding the police or Confederate statues, but I can tell you the No. 1 concern on the minds of parents is whether or not their kids can safely go back to school, and if not how are they going to get through the school year.” LA Times, July 2020

“He thinks we all live in Levittown.” Washington Post, July 2020

“Trump needs — or thinks he needs — fear of ‘the other’ to motivate his base and create enthusiasm,” said Christine Matthews, a Republican pollster. “Right now, people are fearful of Covid-19, but that is inconvenient for Trump, so he is trying to kick up fear about something he thinks will benefit his re-election: angry mobs of leftists tearing down American history.” New York Times, July 2020

“The problem with the Trump campaign is that they want to create a situation where there’s no nuance. But everyone sees the nuance. There are a few people who are vandalizing. You know, there are a few people who might be taking it too far. But overwhelmingly, suburban women and voters are on the side of Black Lives Matter and this movement.” NPR, July 2020


“He thinks it’s basically the planned development of Levittown in the 1960s, as opposed to today’s suburbs, which are multiracial, diverse and highly educated.” NPR, July 2020


“Trump is so egregiously out of sync and overstepping, but Biden is also starving him of the oxygen he wants.”  CNN, July 2020

Republicans “might not always have the best answers on, say, the environment, but the economy is where they run the tables,” Matthews said. Given that the public still gives Trump relatively high marks on economic policy, “why would you not embrace that, and run into that?”  CNBC, July 2020

For Republicans, identity politics backfire so a woman candidate would not appeal to conservatives by making the case that she is a woman.” U.S. News, November 2019

“If he doesn’t have non-college-educated white women in that equation—particularly in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania—the math does not work for him.”  The Atlantic, November 2019

“Warren has demonstrated her skills by providing the most detailed and comprehensive set of policy proposals among the candidates, but she “will face relatability issues in the same way Hillary Clinton did. She is, after all, a liberal New England Ivy League professor, and that’s probably why she got a golden retriever puppy” last year, said Matthews, the GOP pollster.”  Washington Post, May 2019

“We used a panel of 110 women who liked the governor, despised Trump and were undecided about the race,” said Jim Barnett, Hogan’s campaign manager. The women in the focus group were registered Democrats or unaffiliated voters. We talked to them over and over during the course of the campaign to see how they were reacting to advertising and how their attitudes were changing. The campaign asked the focus group — which was conducted by Christine Matthews of Bellwether Research and Consulting — how they felt about various ads and news developments.” Baltimore Sun, November 2018

“On one end you’ve got college-educated women pulling hard…on the other side of the rope you’ve got non-college-educated men pulling hard in the other direction.” New York Times, November 2018

“He has one playbook for women and one for men.” Politico, November 2018

“For women, it’s much better to have Susan Collins in there.” Washington Post, October 2018

“College educated voters – particularly college-educated women – have been becoming more Democratic.” NPR, September 2018

“I’m interested in the young generation: 18-year-olds, people turning 18 years old. Students from Parkland galvanized these kids.Aspen Ideas Festival, June 2018

“There is a very big difference between the attitudes of Democrats and Republicans on the importance of electing more women candidates,” said Republican pollster Christine Matthews. “And for Democrats it’s just a significantly higher priority.NPR, March 2018

“It is easier if the incumbent is weak or the district looks particularly good for the challenger,” Matthews said. “This cycle, however, donors will be more likely to take a bet on a Democratic challenger if their district looks winnable because of the likely wave that is coming.”  Politico, March 2018

“Historically, Democrats have run against Republicans on a war on women theme,” said Christine Matthews, a Republican pollster. “The success that Democrats had using the war-on-women theme had started to fade away, but now there is no denying that Republicans have a problem with women right now, and most of these are self-inflicted. This has far-ranging consequences for 2018.” New York Times, December 2017

The continued tweeting, the fact that he is so outrageous, so unpresidential, is becoming a huge problem for him.  And it is particularly unhelpful with female Republican members of Congress, whose votes he needs for health care, tax reform and infrastructure.New York Times, June 2017

People aren’t even aware that it’s discomfort with women who have too much power. Republican women disliked Hillary Clinton even more than Republican men.  They couldn’t stand her. They couldn’t relate to her.New York Times, June 2017