Earth Optimism Summit

We attended the Smithsonian’s Earth Optimism Summit over Earth Day weekend (April 21-23).

An inspiring group of speakers, including some of our clients, shared progress and success stories in a variety of areas. While government may be moving backward, business leaders, higher education, thinkers and citizens are moving forward to a renewable energy future. Most corporate buyers want renewable energy and many companies are saying to states: find a way to get us renewable energy or we will find another state. Solar and wind power are viable and inexpensive sources of energy. One in fifty jobs created last year was in the solar industry.

More than half of Fortune 500 companies have set climate goals.

Species and habitat are being saved. Partnerships are being formed. Amid discouraging headlines, there are positive things happening and Millenials and Generation Z, in particular, need to hear some of these positive stories. They have been saturated with gloomy climate change stories and they need to feel like there is hope and that they can be agents of change. If the Summit was any indication, there is plenty to be hopeful about.