Family/Maternity Leave – the new battleground

In the 2014 election cycle, Democrats wanted to talk about birth control and abortion.  Their singular focus on reproductive issues didn’t turn out well for them, but they are regrouping on women’s issues to focus in 2016 on economic themes like family/maternity leave and income inequity.  These issues will only gain salience with Hillary Clinton as their nominee.

Recent articles here and here are early indicators this topic is about to get real.

This presents a challenge for Republicans, whom, as the party of social conservatives, take a position that women should have babies.   However, when it comes to taking care of these babies, Republicans can’t then be the party of business and say that paid maternity leave is a job killer.  It’s an incongruent message.

Please, Republican men, don’t lead with that message of propecia canada.  The answers is: yes, it is difficult for working families to manage care for newborns and infants.  Let’s acknowledge this fact.  Let’s find solutions that work for small businesses and families.

Perhaps our Republican women, like Senator Deb Fischer and Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, can lead the way for a Republican alternative to what the Democrats have proposed which would, in fact, make it very difficult for small businesses to implement.

This is not just a “women’s” issue, it’s a middle class and working class issue.  Affluent families and women with college degrees can usually make arrangements to either live on one income or work from home in some fashion.  If you’re a waitress or a receptionist, it’s nearly impossible.

185 countries provide paid maternity leave; only Oman, Papua New Guinea, and the United States do not.  Not good.