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Republican Voters – who are you?

I’ve gotten to the point where Donald Trump no longer shocks me. What was once shocking is now just depressing. What can still shock, though, is the steady stream of polling data that shows Republican voters are living in crazy town with him. Obviously, these are the people who nominated him, but we have

Resistance to Trump is brewing.

If you want to find the heart of the Trump resistance movement, don’t look on the streets — look in a coffee shop. On more than one occasion, I’ve seen Washington Post opinion writer and former Bush policy adviser Michael Gerson at a little wooden Starbucks table squinting at his laptop through his smart glasses, deep

Earth Optimism Summit

We attended the Smithsonian's Earth Optimism Summit over Earth Day weekend (April 21-23). An inspiring group of speakers, including some of our clients, shared progress and success stories in a variety of areas. While government may be moving backward, business leaders, higher education, thinkers and citizens are moving forward to a renewable energy future. Most